The Retirement Home

Ann Cole

—Have Fun

Ann Cole - Have Fun

Phil Famous

—Electro Pop

Phil Famous - Electro Pop

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David Snell

—Heigh Ho!

David Snell - Heigh Ho!

Arthur Russell

—Instrumentals E

Arthur Russell - Instrumentals E

The Jim Dandee's


The Jim Dandee’s - Loco-Motion

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stanley black


Stanley Black - Delicado

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—Pop your finger (Hully Gully dance)

The Miller Sisters - Pop Your Finger

Jane Weaver

—The Fallen By Watch Bird

Jane Weaver - The Fallen By Watch Bird

Gunter Schlienz


Gunter Schlienz - Home

Johnny Mathis

—It's Not For Me To Say

Johnny Mathis - It’s Not For Me To Say