The Retirement Home

Mica Levi


Mica Levi - Love

Raymond Scott

—Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night! (instr.)

Raymond Scott - Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night!

What a title.

Betty Harris

—I'll Be A Liar

Betty Harris - I’ll Be A Liar

Get it here.

Delia Derbyshire

—Moogies Bloogies

Delia Derbyshire - Moogies Bloogies


—If You And I Could Be As Two

Them - If You And I Could Be As Two

Mickey Baker


Mickey Baker - Zanzie

Get it here.

The Tams

—Teenage Kids

The Tams - Teenage Kids


Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra


Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Shub-A-Dooe

The past couple of Do or DIY podcasts on WFMU have been particularly outstanding. Yesterday’s kicked off with this number, a song I’ve been meaning to post for the past few days. Listen to the whole organ-heavy podcast here. Download the above album here.

The prior week’s podcast was completely sourced from Ubuweb. A ton of incredible stuff in there, but “The Man Within” is a must listen. DO IT NOW.

Joe Meek and the Blue Men

—The Bub Light

Joe Meek - The Bub Light

Great 50p Friday offering this week over at Trunk.

Jimmy Namaro Trio

—Soft Sands

Jimmy Namaro Trio - Soft Sands

Get it here.