The Retirement Home

Reg Tilsley

—Race With Bach

Reg Tilsley - Race With Bach

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A Raincoat

—It Came in the Night

A Raincoat - It Came In The Night

Last night dreamt that I bought a used record and found a 7” inside the sleeve. It was this song covered by The Muppets, featuring guest vocalist Rev. Billy Graham. 

Roger Davy

—Pop Attelé

Roger Davy - Pop Attelé

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The Leopards

—Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie

The Leopards - Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie


Vladimir Cosma


Vladimir Cosma - Cristalline

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Ann Cole

—Have Fun

Ann Cole - Have Fun

Phil Famous

—Electro Pop

Phil Famous - Electro Pop

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David Snell

—Heigh Ho!

David Snell - Heigh Ho!

Arthur Russell

—Instrumentals E

Arthur Russell - Instrumentals E

The Jim Dandee's


The Jim Dandee’s - Loco-Motion

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